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Discover an extensive range of high-quality and comfortable beauty salon furniture in UAE from the best vendors to discover exactly what you need at a competitive reasonable price. Learn about the various beauty salon furniture options for beauty salons and other beauty products.

We have all of the required salon equipment, salon furniture, and salon accessories for professional hair salons and beauty salons, allowing us to produce exclusive, unique products that may support the work of hair stylists and beauty specialists while also creating a setting that stands out for its style, prestige, and elegance. is the leading online store for beauty salon furniture in the UAE. We have a wide collection of all types of salon furniture like barber/gent's chairs, ladies' chairs, washing chairs, pedicure chairs, manicure chairs facial machines, etc. Also, we are providing a warranty for most of the items. 

Setting up a beauty hair salon in the UAE requires careful planning and investment in essential equipment and furniture to ensure a comfortable and professional environment for both clients and stylists. Here's a list of some essential hair salon equipment and salon furniture in the UAE. When purchasing salon equipment and furniture, it's essential to consider the overall theme and branding of your salon, as well as the comfort and convenience of both clients and staff. Additionally, ensure that all equipment complies with local regulations and safety standards in the UAE.

Beauty Equipment Salon Cart Hairdressing Trolley with 3 Drawers for Stylist Hairdresser....
available: 11
Professional Barber Gents Cutting Chair is designed to provide customers with...
available: 7
Professional Barber Gents Hair Cutting Chair Black
available: 55
Product Display Organizer Wall Shelf large makes any small product or...
available: 50
Salon Hair Beauty Station  Color : Black and Gold
available: 34
Professional Salon Trolley Black Size : 53*38*91cm (L.W.H)
available: 41
Beauty and hair salon lighting design is one of them....
available: 12
Modern Hydraulic Ladies Chair Pink With Gold Round Base Pink Color...
available: 9
Salon Professional Round Stool-White 35cm diameter 52cm open size 40cm...
available: 29
It has strong wheels and light frames that make movement...
available: 34
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