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From sleek modern designs to elegant classics, find the perfect reception solution for your spa. Upgrade your salon's entrance and create a warm welcome for your clients today! We are providing very compact and trendy models of salon reception counter & desk.
Salon Reception Counter Desk Cream
available: 1
Reception Salon Counter Desk Shine brown High-quality reception desk Wooden...
available: 1
Reception Salon Counter Desk Light Brown
available: 1
Reception Salon Counter Desk Old Brown
available: 1
Salon Reception Desk White Marble with light Contain Drawer +...
available: 2
Salon Reception Desk Green Medium
Salon Reception Desk Pink Medium
available: 1
Modern Reception Salon Counter Desk Pink This reception salon counter...
Sleek and modern design  Gold color Bottom which adds a...
Reception Salon Counter Desk Black High Quality High-quality reception desk...
available: 3
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