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A salon trolley is an essential piece of equipment for hair and beauty salons. It is a mobile cart that is designed to store and organize tools and products. The trolley typically comes with multiple shelves and drawers, providing ample storage space and easy access to the items you need.

The salon trolley can be made of various materials such as metal or plastic, and comes in different sizes and styles to suit various needs. Whether you need to store hair dyes, scissors, combs, or hair dryers, a salon trolley is a perfect tool to keep everything in one place and easily accessible.

It not only saves time but also keeps the salon organized and tidy. With its durable construction, it makes a great addition to any salon.

Beauty Equipment Salon Cart Hairdressing Trolley with 3 Drawers for Stylist Hairdresser....
available: 40
Professional Salon Trolley Black Size : 53*38*91cm (L.W.H)
available: 42
Salon Hair Beauty Station  Color : Black and Gold
available: 62
It has strong wheels and light frames that make movement...
available: 58
Salon Cart Hairdressing Trolley Black - Gold frame Salon Cart...
available: 20
Salon Hair Beauty Trolley Station White Golden
available: 36
5 Drawer salon hairdressing trolley on wheels
available: 4
Beauty Salon Glass Trolley - Pink
available: 28
Rolling Cart Glass cart - White Height 83cm and width...
available: 21
Salon Trolley Black With Design Print Best Trolley for beauty...
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