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The Ultimate Salon Furniture List for 2022 news

The Ultimate Salon Furniture List for 2022

The salon industry is quite profitable in this day and age. And why not? After all, looks matter more than anything in today’s world. Everybody wants to look his/her best irrespective of their age and gender. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that salons account for 95% of the hair industry. Whether you intend to open a new salon or expand an existing one, spend on the right salon furniture list.

Undoubtedly, the hair industry is vast; however, it is likewise quite competitive. Using modern salon furniture will let you have a competitive advantage over others.

In this post, we will share with you the amazing salon furniture list to help you make the right choice. Here we go…

Why should you invest in high-quality Salon Furniture items?

Whether you own a hair salon or a beauty salon, you need to invest in a variety of high-quality salon furniture. It is to provide your clients with the best possible experience and, of course, the best possible service!

Salons thrive on the concept of luxury and leisure. The overall experience of clients is enhanced by the interior design and the staff's personal touch.

To deliver a thorough pampering experience, customers must feel comfortable upon arrival. And modern salon furniture can do the trick. No matter how good your service is, a bad chair may ruin the whole experience.

Investing in high-quality salon chairs pays you in many ways. In addition to being noticeable, salon furniture helps make a positive first impression on new and returning customers.

Salon's furniture quality may not appear crucial at first. The amount of comfort your furniture provides to your customers is one of the details that contribute to a lasting favourable impression.

Also, high-quality salon furnishings can assist retain personnel and enhance employee morale. Your employees would enjoy working in a welcoming and pleasant environment. So, it's crucial to consider our Salon furniture list.

Dayjour provides the highest-quality hair salon furniture at the most competitive prices. At Dayjour, you will find everything you need for your hair or beauty salon.

Let's now take a look at the Salon Furniture List…

Top Salon Furniture List

1. Professional Hairdressing Chair

Your clients want to receive a satisfactory hairdressing service, not only in terms of styling and haircuts but also in terms of comfort and usefulness. The correct hairdressing chair may work its magic on the right person.

Gents Cutting Chair Shine Brown can be a great addition to your hair salon furniture list. It is a robust gents’ hairdressing chair made of high-quality material. The best part of this chair is that it offers the highest degree of customization and convenience.

It is a Hydraulic salon chair with reclining and height adjustment capabilities. The material used is premium rexine. It comes with a swivel, and you can adjust the backrest according to your needs.

The chair is available at Dayjour. You're sure to love this one as it has everything that is needed in a professional hairdressing chair.

2. Luxury Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair

Your customers come not only for your services but also for comfort and ease. And a good-quality styling chair will simply add to their experience. Therefore, it is crucial to add the right styling chair to your salon furniture list.

Take your time when choosing the styling chair for your salon. Consider the comfort, durability, and visual appeal of your salon styling chairs when making your selection. All these will bring long-term benefits for both you and your clients.

Luxury Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair by Dayjour can be an excellent addition to your salon. The chair is available in Gold & Creamy White. It looks classy, elegant, and mesmerising.

It’s a hydraulic chair with a swivel and backrest, which can be adjusted. Moreover, Luxury Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair is great for long hair treatments, such as colouring, cutting, etc.

3. Luxury Multi-Function Facial Treatment Chair/Bed

Your salon furniture list would be incomplete without a Luxury Multi-Function Facial Treatment Chair/Bed in it. A spa bed or chair is an absolute necessity for your salon furniture items.

Dayjour provides a luxury spa bed/chair for salons of all kinds. It can be utilised for all sorts of treatment, including spa, massages, waxing, and so on.

It features three motors, so the footrest, height, and backrest can all be adjusted, and it also has a tilt function. The use of a remote control makes the operations simple.

It has an adjustable headrest that can lie flat. It is made of premium quality leather and has detachable arms. This best is 208 X 75 X 59 cm in size and has all of the elements necessary for the finest possible spa experience.

4. Reception Desk

Your reception area is the first place that your customers will see. A beautiful reception desk with matching furniture can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Know that your reception area will benefit from having a high-quality reception desk. Moreover, it will allow you to keep your reception space tidy and clean while still providing enough space for a point-of-sale system, appointment books, a telephone, and any other supplies you may need to keep at the front desk.

Aside from its style, also look for durability when adding a reception desk in your salon furniture list. Dayjour has a wide range of great quality reception desks. You can give a try to their brown reception counter made of high-quality steel. It speaks of elegance and opulence all at the same time!

5. Salon Reception Sofa

When designing a waiting room for your clients, make sure that you provide them with suitable sitting options. That's why adding the right reception sofa to your salon furniture list to complement the design of your salon is a MUST.

Dayjour offers a complete salon reception sofa set with one three-seater chair, two single-seater chairs, and a marble table. This sofa set is designed keeping your clients' comfort and your salon's unique needs in mind.

It has a fashionable and trendy appearance, and it provides the highest level of comfort to the client.

It is available in cream and gold colour, and is made of premium quality leather. It will just add to your overall salon decor!

6. Pedicure Salon Spa Chair 

Pedicure Salon Spa Chair is an excellent edition to your salon furniture list. It will help you provide your clients with excellent neck and waist kneading massages.

The chair come equipped with electric adjustment and backrest. Also, the footbath has LED lighting and a Wave White Fiberglass base for the most relaxing pedicure ever.

This is one of the most gorgeous pedicure chairs available in the market. The chair is outfitted with all of the equipment required to execute a warm and effective pedicure.

7. Hair Washing Chair

Last but not least item to be included in your salon furniture list is a hair washing chair. Head wash is one of the essential aspects of good hair styling. Consequently, having the right hair washing chair is indispensable in your salon furniture list.

Dayjour offers an exclusive Black & Gold Luxury Salon Hair Washing Chair. In addition to an adjustable footrest, this hair washing chair includes a retractable faucet with an integrated whirlpool motor, a porcelain basin, and other added amenities.

In addition, it has unique features such as a hydraulic locking base, a fixed footrest, and an adjustable headrest. This chair allows you to offer your clients the best hair washing experience prior to hair styling!

Where Shall You Buy Modern Salon Furniture From?

Establishing a beauty salon or upgrading your existing hair salon is a time-consuming process. A poor choice, whether in terms of Beauty Salon Furniture or interior design, might make it difficult for you to obtain the best value for your money in the end.

There are only a handful of online stores providing high-end salon furniture of exceptional quality at a reasonable price. To make your life easier, Dayjour has you covered.

Dayjour is your one-stop-shop for investing in a great beauty salon furniture list that is up to date with the latest trends and keeps you at the forefront of your customer.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients' desks are equipped with the most comfortable, adaptable, high-quality, and durable professional salon equipment available.

With us, you can be sure of high-quality modern salon furniture that will boost the professional appearance of your salon, making it appear more sophisticated than before.

We provide every piece of professional salon equipment that falls under the salon umbrella and strive to make the client's salon experience as enjoyable as possible. Buy modern salon furniture with us; you will never be disappointed with your selection.

Putting Everything Together...

So, here we conclude our salon furniture list. Make sure to invest in good quality salon furniture to have a lasting impression. Aside from the salon furniture items listed above, you will also need to invest in mirrors, trolleys, racks, etc., to accomplish your goal of having a full flourished salon.

Happy Shopping!!