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Discover ultimate comfort and style with our beauty salon ladies chair featuring a reclining and hydraulic system.

The latest beauty salon chairs feature a reclining and hydraulic system for the ultimate comfort and convenience. Designed to provide maximum comfort and support for salon professionals and their clients, these chairs come with an adjustable reclining back and a hydraulic system that allows for easy height adjustments. The reclining back offers the perfect angle for any styling job, while the hydraulic system allows for precise height adjustments to accommodate clients of all heights. The chairs also feature an adjustable headrest and armrests, providing added comfort and convenience. With their sleek and modern design, these chairs offer a luxurious and professional look that will enhance any salon.

A Ladies Hair Cutting and Makeup Chair would be a...
Ladies Hair Cutting Chair  Color:  Light Brown Salon Ladies Chair 55cm*65cm*85cm...
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